The Beauty Manifesto is the side project of Los Angeles based makeup artist Amy Strozzi, with imagery shot by her photographer boyfriend John Michael Fulton.



Artist Statement:

Somewhere at the crossroads of art and commerce, lies The Beauty Manifesto and it’s desire.

My goal is to inspire you to have some fun with your makeup, to feel confident in trying something new whether it be product or technique.  I believe makeup should be uplifting, enhancing, comfortable, wild, natural, inventive and pleasure inducing. The times we live in are fast paced and ever changing, and an “all of the above” attitude allows you to live outside the box we as society tend to put ourselves in. Makeup and beauty are yours to own and do in whatever way makes you feel good.

My approach has always been about balance; and while some of the looks I show may not be for everyone or everyday, I do hope that out there somewhere, someone is trying a Superhero Eye or an electric blue mascara and feeling amazing about it.