The Beauty Manifesto is brought to you by Los Angeles based makeup artist Amy Strozzi, with imagery shot by Heather Gildroy and  John Michael Fulton.




Somewhere at the crossroads of art and commerce, lies The Beauty Manifesto; created to inspire, encourage and support you in trying new things with your beauty routine.

I want to show you that color can be wearable, small artistic details can add uniqueness, and even mascara can be clumpy and still look amazing with the right touch.

There are so many ways to step out of the traditional beauty box we tend to put ourselves in – makeup and beauty are yours to own and do in whatever way makes you feel good! You can stand out from the crowd while still looking put together; ultimately it’s about the right products, tool and tricks and I’m here to show you my favorites.

Makeup should be fun and pleasurable, push your boundaries and try something new today! X

– Amy


Amy Strozzi is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles, CA where she tends to her celebrity and fashion clients while creating for The Beauty Manifesto in her free time.