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Flushed Cheeks and Lip with Mia

Though you’ll most often see me on here encouraging you to try something bold, the truth is one of my favorite looks is a simple face with soft flushes of cream color on the cheeks and lips.

So simple and effortless, we completed this look with a swipe of mascara, but it’s not necessary. 

For this look I recommend using a product meant for both lip and cheek (so you can use the same color for both), like the Tints from Jouer Cosmetics. With a pricetag of only $11, you can buy a few different colors to play with…I love the red and berry shades (Amaryllis and Dahlia) but the peach and pink shades are great as well.

With creams you can (and should) layer, and it really is essential to have at least one layer buffed nicely into the skin for it to last. Use your fingertip (I personally use my middle finger) to dab a bit on the apple of the cheek, and immediately use a clean flinger to blend into a wide flush.  -Make sure those edges fully blend away into nothing for a natural appearance.

Use the same fingertip to dab the tint onto the lips for a stain, and top with a clear gloss for sweetness and moisture. If you won’t be using a gloss, try to exfoliate or premoisturize your lips beforehand so they don’t look dry.

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