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Brigitte Bardot Inspired Summertime Looks with Bodhi

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Summertime Looks with Bodhi

I know for me personally, when I think of cat eye liner I think of Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte made the kitten flick a staple in her routine, changing it slightly through the years in small ways that somehow managed to keep it looking fresh and different in its variations.

Using a liquid liner, or if you’re like me use a liquid liner pen for a bit more ease, start at the inner corner and bring that line all the way over winging it out fully upward directionally towards the tail of the brow. My favorite way to wear this look is with a touch of mascara and a bit of pink tint dabbed on the lips and cheeks for a slight flush. A nicely (but gently) defined brow will give you a bit more of a refined finish to the look without needing much else.

If you have freckles, for the love of all things holy please let them show!! Freckles are so sweet, and if you truly don’t like them, maybe instead of covering them fully, you minimize them w a medium coverage foundation and still let them peak through. Just give it a try, you may surprise yourself.

The next look is inspired by Brigitte’s heavier eye phase when she would smudge liner fully around the eye in an almond shape, and wear with a peachy nude lip.

The easiest way to approach this eye (in my opinion) is to use a soft kohl pencil or a cream eyeshadow stick to heavily line the lashline (above and below) and then with a good smudge brush (or even your finger) smudge the color into an almond shape around the lashline, extending out a tiny bit. The cream shadow stick will set faster than a soft kohl, so be sure to line and blend right away – don’t wait. 

Definitely try the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Tuxedo if you are interested in a cream stick, this is one of my favorite products for creating smokey eyes or as a base for color. You can also try Laura Mercier’s Kajal D’Orient Eye Liner for a fast and smudge-able swipe across the lid and under the lashline.

For that Bardot inspired lip, try Nars Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey – now I could be wrong but I think this color was actually inspired by Brigitte. To get that *lived in* look, press the product into your lips with your finger as opposed to applying directly from the tube. If you prefer to apply directly from the tube, use your finger to gently soften the edge of the lipline.

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