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Makeup that lasts on a hot summer day with Sara Cummings

Makeup that lasts on a hot summer day with Sara Cummings

We shot Sara on a super hot LA day, so hot that our power blew out (along with the a/c) so we had to move outside. Those 100 degree temps can be killer on the soul but they can look amazing on the face! You can’t reproduce the glisten you get right before a sweat breaks, or the way products melt together with increased body heat.

Of course these serendipitous moments only last so long because as we all know, once that sweat breaks and the makeup starts moving everywhere, it’s over. Sara has beautiful skin and the most amazing freckles, so I kept her foundation free, used some great skin care and let the heat do whatever it was going to do.

Luckily there are products created to be waterproof and therefor sweatproof, like Make Up Forever Aqua Cream – a highly pigmented, waterproof cream eyeshadow that comes in SO many amazing shades…use them with a light hand for a wash of color or go for it and lay down some layers for impact. I used Shade 3 Silver here on Sara.

On super hot days a stained red lip (that will probably end up bleeding around the edges a little bit) can actually look pretty gorgeous on a sweaty flushed face! Try  a product like Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils in Dragon Girl (a super vivid summer red), or Red Square (bright red orange), they have a dryer texture that can be layered for intensity and smudged for a lived in affect.

But if it’s seriously that hot out, consider skipping the foundation, conceal only where necessary, brush up those brows and add a fun makeup detail. Embrace the sweat and the flush. Everyone will be feeling the same way, why not let your skin breathe while still having some fun!

And wear your SUNSCREEN!

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