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Peacock Teal Eye with Corrie

Corrie is the perfect example of the coveted “almond eye” shape, though she has a narrow amount of visible lid space near the lashline. (Some may confuse this with a “hooded eye,” but that term should really be reserved for those whose upper lid comes down to touching or almost touching the lashline.)

A more elaborate smokey eye would also work on this eye shape, emphasizing those outer corners, but I prefer something like this, where the darker color is concentrated at the lashline, both above and below, to give a sultry feel.

My approach here was to cover the lid in a bronzey brown shade from Charlotte Tilbury’s Golden Goddess Luxury Palette, going high up onto the full lid, as well as wrapping it under the bottom lashline all the way into the inner corner, creating a “halo” effect on the lid. I then smudged Charlotte Tilbury’s cream Eyes To Mesmerize shadow in shade Cleopatra, a beautiful peacock teal, around the upper lashline and lower lashline, carefully bringing it towards the inner corner with a thinner line to emphasize that almond shape.

Try Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold to keep that inner corner open with a subtle highlight. For even more help keeping the eye looking bright and fresh, use a neutral nude toned eye pencil to line the inner waterline, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl pencil in Eye Cheat. Using a peachy toned nude in the waterline (as opposed to something white based) will also help cancel out redness and look more natural.


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