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Try a Strong Lip and Spider Lashes with Ally

Spider Lashes and Red LipI love the look of a strong lip paired with a few coats of a thick mascara to create spikey spider lashes that are interesting and effective (though still minimal), especially when the rest of the face is kept clean and fresh.

For easy spider lashes like this try Lancome’s Grandiose mascara, it’s thick enough to get it right in 2 coats, and the brush is perfect for coating and separating the lashes. The bent swan neck of the wand makes it easy to get those bitty lashes in in the inner corner as well!!

Use the tip of the wand to guide the lashes into little spikes for extra effect.

Spider Lashes and Black Glossy LipHow cool is that black glossy lip! I’m not going to lie, in real life that would be really hard to maintain. But you can get close by using a matte black first, with a small amount of black gloss on top. Once you put gloss on, you risk the color beneath smearing, on top of the fact that gloss like this is just so sticky. Start with enough to give a sheen and build up to your personal gloss tolerance levels.

The sheen on the red lip was actually coming from below, from using my favorite lip oil from Hourglass (it’s not cheap but it is totally worth it) to prep Ally’s lips between looks, “pre-lipstick.”

Oil absorbs (and moisturizes) in a way that lip balm does not, which is why I like it as a first step in prepping a face. You can try coconut or almond oil as well for a more affordable and natural option! Though I’m telling you, that Hourglass oil is worth every penny.

Believe it or not, a matte red liquid lip formula was used on top, but this was the result bc of the oil. I don’t know how long it would last but give it a shot!



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