Electric Blue Mascara with Yasmine

One of my favorite ways to make a bold statement in the SIMPLEST way possible…colored mascara! This is one of my all time favorite images shot for TBM…Yasmine wearing Electric Blue mascara originally from Sumita Beauty, which has since been replaced by the brand with a Klein Blue shade that is still lovely though not as vibrant as this. I’m on a mission to find new, bright amazing mascaras, so I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, get inspired by this super cool look, because it is PERFECT for a fun color pop. Take a cue from this shoot and keep the rest of your face as bare as possible…now “bare” doesn’t have to mean “foundation free” if you’re not comfortable doing so. But it does mean taking it easy on the heaviness of your application, so that the mascara doesn’t have to compete with anything else.

I love love love a pop like this with effortless hair and a clean face, so cool and easy.

I recommend great skin prep with a dewy moisturizer (again only if your skin responds well to that) like this one from Murad, or this one from Paula’s Choice that contains sunscreen (SPF50!!) at a great price. If your lips are naturally pigmented, skip the lip color and just go for a balm, or if you’re like me with zero natural lip color, try a simple tinted balm like these from Burts Bees.

Try something bold but simple and totally wearable!!

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